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Happy in Asia

Love your pictures, specially the model ;), and the clothes are always so cute.
I have a cultural question for you: what and when do Japanese feed their babies and young children. I'm curious to see how early they introduce seafood and fish, considering its important parts of the Japanese diet. I come from Canada and now the hysterical (IMO) guidelines are to wait until 5 years old to give fish, seafood, peanuts and such for fears of allergies.
Here in China, it's basically a free for all, with parents giving whole eggs to 6 month old babies, and congee with walnuts a bit later............ thanks! :)

Elise in Beijing

Good question! Most Japanese babies start solids around five months and begin with okayu/congee and bland starchy vegetables. Not sure about other stuff, except that mild white-fleshed fish is often the first animal protein. I'm hoping to delay solids for as long as possible so haven't been paying much attention. And I had no idea about those Canadian guidelines- it does sound rather extreme! -Amy


oh-oh-oh, look at those cheeks!! *nom nom nom*

i so want to give shuma a cuddle. shame we live so far apart!


Oh, he is so cute! Love those cheeks. And I agree, the snap up kimonos are the best, so easy to get on and off.


I love that first picture, what a cute pose <3


he is becoming such a big boy! adorable. :-)


he is getting so big. and, so handsome.


hahaha so cute!!!!!

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